Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: Mesmo Delivery

Mesmo Delivery is a one shot, fifty-eight paged artistic gem written and drawn by comics up and comer Raphael Grampa.

An Elvis impersonator and a hulking ex-boxer sign up to deliver an unknown cargo for Mesmo Delivery. In need of a break, and some refreshment after some time on the dusty road, the two men make a pit-stop at a run down desert oasis bar in the middle of nowhere. While the Elvis impersonator naps, the ex-boxer enters the bar, and unwillingly becomes part of a violent bet. What follows is a visually stunning, expertly choreographed, blood-fest that is simultaneously horrifying and mesmerizing.

Grampa is, flat out, an amazing artist. He has a strong attention to detail, the environments just sort of spring to life with detail and realism. His line work is pretty damn sweet too. But, you should just see it for yourself:

See? What'd I tell ya? Pretty amazing.

The story of Mesmo Delivery is nothing to write home about, essentially the bulk of the story is the epic fight scene, but there is enough of a story, with a bit of back story mixed in, to make it so that this isn't just an ultra-violent extravaganza. But really, Grampa's strength lies in his art work, and that shows here.

Here's to hoping the guy gets some steady jobs drawing some amazing looking comics in the very near future. I do know he drew the cover for the up coming Strange Tales 2 for Marvel, but aside from that, I'm not too sure... I can't wait to see what else he can do.

Grade: B+

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