Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jet City Comic Show

Yesterday I attended the very cool Jet City Comic Show here in Seattle. The event wasn't nearly as big of an event as the Emerald City Comicon that I went to back in March, but it was still pretty sweet even if it lacked some of the big star power.

As far as special guests went, it was sort of a humble, gathering. The biggest name of them all, Greg Rucka, couldn't make it, but his partner in crime, Matthew Southworth, the artist for Stumptown, was there. Other cool/interesting creators in attendance were Mark Rahner, whose Zombie-Western Rotten is garnering some solid accolades. I've been wanting to jump on this series for awhile, but the early issues are either out of print or tough to come by, and the first trade was due out a month ago, but still hasn't hit the shelves. When I spoke to Rahner, he said the trade should be on the way soon, as he has been sending death threats to his publishers. Michael Oeming of Mice Templar fame was there too. For fans of the capes and tights variety, dudes from that style of comics were there too, most notably Chris Samnee the artist of Thor the Mighty Avenger.

The one media guest was Scott L. Scwartz, who I guess is most known for his work on Buffy, and the Ocean's 11, 12, and 13 films. Turns out he is a totally cool guy. He saw my Red Sox hat and we spoke about sports and professional wrestling (of all things) for about half an hour.

I think the coolest person I spoke to on the day was Sean Dietrich, an creator/artist working for Rorschach Entertainment. He does some indie comic work and is also a live artist. We spoke about his work, and he told me about his efforts to help young, developing artists learn the business side of getting jobs in the comic industry. He's a very cool guy and it was nice to talk to someone who is doing such positive work.

Considering it was the inaugural event, I thought the Jet City Comic Show was pretty awesome. It had a very chill, laid back feel, and I think the whole thing went over quite well. I expect to see it build momentum in the following years.

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