Saturday, June 2, 2012

So I got a Kindle

So, about a week ago I had a birthday. My lady, being the awesome gift giver that she is, gave me a Kindle.  Not only that, but she did me a huge favor, since I am so technologically challenged, by buying me the simplest Kindle they make.  That's not all though, she also gave me a protective case, so that when I drop it, or step on it, or start chewing on it, it won't break.

To top it all off, she also made me cake.  I really love cake.

I haven't gotten around to reading anything on the new Kindle yet, other than the tutorial, but I'm looking forward to the experience.  As much as I love holding the physical copy of a book in my hands, my tiny living space is starting to get overrun with all my books, so this little item will help keep me from drowning in my book collection.

In the past, being the book snob that I am, I would have scoffed at the notion of such a gift, but time, age and I'd like to think, increased wisdom, has shown me that I really can't hang onto every book I read...but now, maybe I can at least hold onto digital copies.

Any other e-reader owners out there?  How do you feel about them?


Cursed Armada said...

I agree with being a book snob lol. I want a kindle, but I do love having my book collection! I haven't joined the e-reading dark side but I think one day I just might have to... I also think some smaller authors are going to be releasing short stories set in their worlds that would be e-reader exclusive. So if one of my favorite authors did something like that then I would break down and buy one. Congrats though!

Kathryn said...

I've got a Kindle. I've not got many paid-for books on it, but I've got a number of free ones from Amazon, Baen Free Library and so on.

And Becky Cloonan's comic(s) are available on it.

Anonymous said...

I like the feel of actual books in my hand too and e-readers have been around for quite a while- I think, Amazon, does an exceptional job though with the feel and look of their Kindle (still not the same as holding a book but it has it's benefits too). It's funny that you mention being a snob because I like to think some Publishers are less snobby now and more likely to give out copies of books to reviewers in electronic format. Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday and enjoying exploring your Kindle!

Bryce L. said...

I was against 'em too, but they're super handy and not all that bad to read on like I thought before I got mine.

My wife's so sick of all the books that come in (whether bought or for review) and to be honest it's a bit ridiculous especially given how small an apartment we have. eBooks really help that although there's no way I'm saying no to the ARCs. :D

Civilian Reader said...

I, too, have limited living space - my Kindle has been an absolute boon! Love it. Read plenty on it, and typically now only buy books for it. Most of the physical books I read now are ARCs. I just don't have the storage space. Which sucks, because I also love a nicely-filled book-case.

Ryan said...

@Cursed Armada- Join us, it's your destiny! I'm all about e-reader exclusives...they'd be a cool way to check out new authors.

@Kathryn- Yeah, so far, I just have free stuff too. I'll have to check out the Baen Free Library, and the Becky Cloonan stuff. She's a great artist.

@Anon- I agree with your comment about publishers giving out free e-copies...I've had to turn down a few publishers and authors e-ARCs and e-Books in the past due to my lack of an e-Reader...not any more though!

@Bryce- Agreed, the kindle screen is quite easy on the eyes. I'm definitely a fan of it. Like you, even though this will help reduce my chances of death by book shelf collapse and subsequent book smothering, I'll still be buying physical copies too! I won't be able to resist certain books.

@Stefan- Yeah, I love a filled bookcase too. They just look so nice. Since I started blogging I've had to buy two new book cases to hold all my reading material. I mostly blame the massive influx of comics and graphic novels. Do you read digital comics?

Kathryn said...

Actually, Ryan, I'd say hold off on Becky Cloonan.

I got Wolves, and my Kindle did not like it at all (it wouldn't even download) and I couldn't add it manually, so I got a refund.

Get the paper copy :p

Ryan said...

Kathryn- That's good to know. Thanks for the tip!

John Zeleznik said...

New to your blog, I love it!

I resisted e-readers for years and this past year for my birthday, I said to my wife that I think I might want a Kindle Fire. And I have to tell you, I love it. I've had it since February and I've read probably a dozen books on it. I still read regular books, but I'm enjoying my Kindle much more than I thought I would.

Ryan said...

John- Thanks for the kind words! I'm happy to hear you are enjoying Battle Hymns!

Yeah, I was pretty skeptical about getting an e-reader, but I gotta say, I'm a fan. They are especially great for the bus commute. Hope to continue seeing you around the blog!