Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome to the DCnU Issue #3 Edition (Part 2)

Batwoman #3:  Well Batwoman, you're still the one.  This is hands down my favorite title from the new DC stuff, and overall, one of my favorite titles on my pull list.  The reasons why are pretty simple, strong writing and absolutely beautiful art make this a must read.

I've said all that before though, so in an attempt to say something new and original I'll add that I'm really falling in love with the Batwoman/Kate Kane character.  I like that she is on the one hand highly skilled, and good at ass kicking, but on the other hand, a bit head strong and prone to getting in over her head.  Her alter-ego, Kate Kane is no less interesting, and I find that the story around her personal life is quite engaging.  The writers handle her sexuality in a mature way that is nice to read. Tack on an interesting sub-plot with her side kick and you have comic gold.

The Shade #2:  Not technically a "New 52!" title,(though he is "Marked for Death!"), but it's a DC title, and it's new, so I'm lumping it in with these ones.

I'm sad to say this, but no matter how badly I want to like this title, I can't bring myself to get into it.

The first two issues haven't done me any favors.  The first one was ok, but this one didn't do a damn thing for me, and didn't capture my interest at all.  The writing is a bit on the cheesy side, and while there are lots of great artists lined up for this title, that factor isn't enough to keep me around.  If I want I can always flip through the new issues and oogle the art, but I wont be carrying on with The Shade any longer.      A theme that will be recurrent with this edition of Welcome to the DCnU.

Animal Man #3:  Another case of the dropped title here.

I was on the fence with this one for the past two months, and I figured the ol' baseball adage, "three strikes and yer out" worked well here.  Jeff Lemire's writing has been decent so far, but in my opinion, certain plot points seemed to happen or come together a bit too easily.

The writing isn't my biggest concern though, as I haven't been a fan of Travel Foreman's art since issue one.  I'll hand it to him, the man does have his occasional moments of really great, wonderful looking art, but the spaces between those moments are not that good at all.  I think I've called it flat, lacking in detail and sterilized looking in the past, and I think that pretty much sums it up.  There isn't nearly enough here to keep me interested, so I won't be reading this title anymore.

 Detective Comics #3:  Forming the final head on this three-headed beast of dropped titles is the latest installment of Detective Comics.  Once again Tony Daniel underwhelms the reader with his steady knack for telling a Batman story the reader feels like he/she has read a million times before.

Not only does the story seem dull and well worn, but Daniel's approach to Batman has a paint by numbers feel to it that is equally lame.  It's as if the man has a check list that he makes sure he works through for each issue.  Gadgets, fisticuffs, bat-cave, goofy detecting, and on the list goes on.  But I wont.

I like to think I'm an easy man to please.  Just give me some strong writing, and solid art, with compelling characters and I'm happy.  Detective Comics fails on all levels.

And with that major downer of a Welcome to the DCnU installment I conclude this series of posts.  From now on, if they are good enough or noteworthy enough, I'll pepper some of these titles in with my Comic Quickies posts.  There are some VERY awesome titles hitting the shelves in the next few months that I'm really excited about, so expect some good comic reading tips coming your way soon!

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