Thursday, December 8, 2011

Music Break: Red Fang

I've been exploring the music of Red Fang lately, ever since I discovered the wonder that is Pandora...don't laugh, I tend to show up late to the party more often than not.  They're a Hard Rock/Metal band from my neck of the woods, the Pacific Northwest, but they hail from Portland, which doesn't surprise me, because as a city, Seattle's collective music taste is way too wimpy to handle a band like this right now.

Still, in today's world of emo and indie rock, Red Fang is like a breath of beery cigarette smoke-filled air to a metal lover like me.  When the gift cards I imagine my Chistmas stocking being filled with start rolling in, I expect to snag at least one of their albums and give it a review here at the Battle Hymns.  Until then, enjoy this Awesome (capital A!) and hilarious video that does a good job of capturing the feel I try to achieve here at the blog.  ENJOY!


Bloody Savage said...

Hey dude. I just got into this band recently too, and I have to say I'm impressed. They have that Melvins / Sabbath / Baroness / Mastodon type vibe going on but they sound unique. I will say that their self titled debut record is slightly better than their recent full-length 'Murder The Mountains', but that's just my opinion.

Ryan said...

Hey Bloody Savage- Thanks for commenting! Glad you too are enjoying Red Fang. A Melvins/Sabbath/Baroness/Mastodon vibe is a very good vibe to have. That's interesting that you prefer their debut over their more recent release. I sorta assumed the newer title would be a bit more polished and the band would have developed their sound a bit more, but I'll probably start with their debut based on your recommendation...the first one seems like a good place to start! Cheers!