Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Haul

With best of lists out of the way for another year, it is time to roll out the obligatory "look what I got for the holidays" post.  Personally, I love seeing what other bloggers reap in their holiday harvest, and this year I figured I'd share my own haul, meager as it is, as well.  

My lady was kind enough to brave the comic shop and pick up a couple of nice hardcover titles for me to add to the shelf.

Up first we have the collection comic strips from Kate Beaton's awesome webcomic, Hark!  A Vagrant.  Always good for at least a chuckle and sometimes a deep belly laugh, Hark! A Vagrant is a site I return to at least once a week to check for updates.  If you haven't experienced Kate Beaton's comic genius yet, check it out.

My other piece of holiday booty is De:Tales by artists/writers/twins/Brazilians Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba.  These dudes are two of my favorite comic artists, and De:tales collects some of their short comics works from the last few years.  Just from flipping through and scanning the some of the art, this collection looks to be a wonderful feast for the eyes, and hopefully a good read too!

The third, final and likely most crucial piece of holiday haul-age comes in the form of a new computer. Essential to the continuation of this blog.  My old desktop had been becoming increasingly finicky this fall, with the combined efforts of a few gift-givers, I was able to score a sweet new laptop for my blogging needs. I guess it will help for school too...

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