Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Mastodon Album Cover Art

Sometime soon, I don't know when just yet, there will be a new Mastodon album this year. 

Thanks go out to Justin  for the hot tip, who sent me a link to Pitchfork, where they put up an early view of the new album cover. 

The Hunter looks pretty bad-ass. 

If you are like me and lusting after some new Mastodon material you don't have to wait for the album.  There's an adult swim video of muppet-chaos set to "Deathbound" a previously unreleased track.  The video is pretty amazing. 



Justin said...

Latest word is it will be out in October. I'm guessing a big tour will follow so hopefully they'll be swinging through Seattle within the next year.

Ryan said...

Thanks for the update Justin. If they come through Seattle, we'll have to go see those guys.