Sunday, July 31, 2011

He's Back...

It's about time some more Rafael Grampa art hits the shelves!

I stumbled upon this stunning piece of art at the Vertigo Blog a while back, and thought it would be worth sharing.  It turns out this sweet piece of Rafael Grampa art is the cover to The Unexpected, a one-shot horror anthology that will hit stands in time for Halloween.  Here's the Vertigo Blurb:

Just in time for Halloween, Vertigo will publish an anthology containing nine tales of horror, suspense, and or course, unexpected twists. Written and drawn by both comic industry legends and up-and coming talents including, Dave Gibbons, Brian Wood, Jill Thompson, Joshua Dysart, Emily Carroll and more!

If you enjoyed STRANGE ADVENTURES you’re bound to enjoy this collection.

Yeah, I'll be buying that.

Though the cover is amazing, I'm hoping that wont be the only bit of Grampa goodness connected to this comic.   The guy is one of my favorite artists in the business, but his material is too few and far between for my liking.  Either way, hopefully this will at least gain him some recognition so that he'll start getting more work.

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