Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feast Your Ears on "The Devil's Orchard"

On September 20th, one of my favorite bands, Opeth, will release their new album, Heritage.  Opeth is one of those bands that grows and mutates with each album, so I've been anxious to hear a sample of what their new material sounds like.

Well, my wish was granted.  The second track, "The Devil's Orchard", from Heritage can be heard over at

Sadly, I can't say I was that pleased with my first listen.  It is definitely not the heavy, melodic Opeth sound I love.  It has more of a jazzy feel to me, which isn't the "feel" I want from Opeth.  Don't get me wrong, musically it is intricate and cool sounding, with their usual pinpoint timing and changes, but I prefer their heavier material.  I'm also not thrilled to hear that the entire album will feature Akerfeldt's "clean" vocals.

After a couple more listens the song grew on me, so I'm thinking that might be the way the whole album goes for me.  Not love at first listen, but it I might have to spend some time with it to fully appreciate the musicianship.  The solo towards the end of the song is fucking amazing sounding though. 

I can't complain though, this album will be better than most anything else coming out this year...even if it does put me out of my Opeth comfort zone.  Go give it a listen and share your thoughts in the comments!


Justin said...

I'm not a big fan of the direction they've been going in the past few albums but I'll still give this album a listen when it comes out. I just feel like they've gotten a little too proggy and jazzy for my tastes.

Ryan said...

Agreed. I'm definitely a much bigger fan of their heavier material, but I'm still pretty excited for this album. Knowing this band, they'll still deliver some great music