Thursday, January 6, 2011

Review: Everyday Matters

Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory is a tough book to categorize.  It's not a graphic novel, at least not in the traditional panels-with-sequential-art sense.  But it is not really a novel either.  I guess it is better to call it a graphic memoir.

Everyday Matters is a unique book in the sense that it came into fruition during a crossroads in Gregory's life.  The book is a memoir of his wife's paraplegia, the terrible accident that caused it, and how that accident changed every aspect of his life.  The book is also about drawing, and how Gregory discovered the joy in drawing, and how through that practice, he was able to gain new perspective on life, and come to peace with his vastly altered lifestyle.

Gregory's life changed completely one day when his wife tripped and fell beneath an oncoming subway train.  She survived, however every minute detail of their life was altered by that event.  As you might guess, the world didn't seem to have much meaning after that, but one day Gregory decided to take up drawing and the result was a new perspective on life, and a view of the world that was once again filled with meaning. 

Everyday Matters is an incredibly inspiring book.  If you've ever wanted the inspiration to draw, or write for that matter, than Everyday Matters is a book that will inspire you for sure.  Not only is the book filled with eye catching illustrations, but it is also filled with Gregory's insights on life and tips on how to get yourself started as an artist or a writer.  It will also get you to see and appreciate the important things in life which is a rare treat in any book.

It seems fitting to make Everyday Matters my first review of the year.  Lots of people make resolutions this time of year, and this is a book that will certainly fuel your desire to make your life better.   For me it gave me a different perspective on life, and some serious food for thought in regards to how I approach my daily challenges.  It also inspired me to take up drawing again, and to appreciate the positives in my life no matter how big or how small they are.  This is one of those books that could literally be recommended to anyone and it would probably affect them in a positive way.  Do yourself a favor, set aside an hour or so of your life, and read this book.

Grade: A

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