Tuesday, January 4, 2011

More "Best Of" linkage

Of course, no sooner do I write up a post linking to various year-end "Best Of" posts from around the blogosphere, a bunch of other bloggers create more "Best Of" lists.  These are worth checking out!

First up is Patrick from the awesomely named, awesomely written, blog Stomping on Yeti.  His list is adamantly not a "Best Of'" list, and is instead a list of books from 2010 that he recommends.  Even still, it is a great resource, and there is a nice variety of Novels, Short Fiction, Young Adult, and Graphic Novels.  Check out the Recommended Reads here

The Mad Hatter is back.  This time he delivers a comprehensive list of his favorite reads from 2010 from across the genre.  Its scary just how many of these books I want to read in the near future.

Graeme from Graeme's Fantasy Book Review has been at the blogging game for years now, and has been one of my favorite blogs for years.  He's provided me with plenty of reading inspiration and his reviews have been a good guide for my reading endeavors.  His "It's the End of the Year.." post  focuses not only on his best reads of the year, but he also mentions some of the bigger titles that he did not read this year.

Next up is Pat from the Fantasy Hotlist.  The Hotties, his year-end award post is worth a look.  Like it or not, they guy is pretty much the blogger with the best hook-ups.  He gets sweet books for free, nets interviews with the big-named authors, and plenty of other perks.  I'm pretty much insanely jealous.  The thing is, if anyone has his/her finger on the pulse of the Sf/F world, it is Pat, so The Hotties are worth taking a look at.

Aidan from Dribble of Ink is another blogger who I've followed closely for a few years.  We have similar tastes so I'm usually keen to see what he's been reading.  His Favourite Books post only covers four books, but they're interesting choices. 

Lastly, is Rob from the aptly named Rob's Blog o' Stuff.  Rob delivers an detailed list of his Reading Year in Review, complete with some reading stats for the nerds number lovers out there. Plus, you get to see pictures of his super cute dog. 

Ok, I think that might be all of them.  I'm sure someone else will post up another vital year-end list soon after I put this up on the blog.  Hopefully these links will help people make great 2011 reading decisions. 

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