Sunday, October 17, 2010

Comic Quickies

Liberty Annual 2010: This extra big annual supports the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a group of folks who defend the first amendment rights of the comic community. The comic itself features comic shorties and pin ups from some of the biggest names in the industry. There's stuff from Garth Ennis, Fabio Moon, Gabriel Ba, Gail Simone, Geoff Johns, and lots of others.

The actual comic material all seems to follow a theme, something about anti-censorship or freedom of speech...Seriously, the creators all come up with some pretty cool, and interesting ways to make their points. My personal favorites were Chain Gang by Moon, and Ba, and Milk and Cheese by Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer. A pretty cool way to get a taste of some great creators.

Superior #1: Boom! The latest from comic giant Mark Millar. Simon Pooni was a great basketball player and popular kid, until multiple sclerosis hit and he lost most of his motor skills. Now he's wheel chair bound, the subject of ridicule, and his favorite pastime is watching flicks with his best friend Chris. As you can imagine, the shift from all-star athlete to being wheel chair bound has been tough on Simon, but things can change. A visit from a space monkey turns Simon into Superior, comics' and film's greatest superhero.

I'm a little on the fence about this one. It started out pretty well, but the space monkey was strange, to say the least. Also, it seemed really short, I felt a little cheated that the issue was only 22 pages. I'll likely stick around a bit to see where this one goes.

Sweet Tooth #14: Sweet Tooth is easily one of my favorite on-going comics. I love Jeff Lemire's style, and story telling skills. The story of Sweet Tooth is a real slow burn, but lots of important things happen in this one.

Gus and the other hybrid kids make a break from captivity, while Jeppard seeks the aid of the psychopathic tribal leader, hoping to pit the tribes against the men of the militia. It is amazing to me how Lemire manages to raise the stakes and increase the drama with each issue. There are some great, tense moments in this issue and a tantalizing cliff-hanger ending.

Neonomicon #2: Hoo-wee, easily winning the election for most fucked-up and disturbing comic of the year is Neonomicon #2. This comic will not give you the warm fuzzies. Moore ratchets up the intensity, the weird, and the discomfort as the two government agents chase down a lead in Salem, Massachusetts. The hunt opens up a few doors and ushers in a very explicit orgy-rape scene that was absolutely shocking, and terrifying. Very little is left to the imagination. The nightmares wont stop!

This one is filled with lots of metatextual stuff, and is heavy on the H.P. Lovecraft mythos. I'm a little afraid to see where this one goes.

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