Friday, November 16, 2012

I'm Not a Player I Just Tweet a Lot

I'm not usually much of a social networker, I occasionally dabble in the facebooks, but that's about it.  However, I've become increasingly starved for interaction, any interaction, ever since starting my new job.

You see, there's a huge stretch of my day, about five hours, where the only two people I interact with are the school custodian, a grown man who moonlights as a pirate, and the school lunch lady, a moderately attractive and married forty-something who the single male teachers dote on.

Listening to habitually single men make awkward attempts at charm can be simultaneously entertaining and gut-wrenchingly painful.

Don't get me wrong, they're both great people, but best served in moderation.  The kicker is one will often complain about the other while the other is out of the room, with me unwillingly acting as their sounding board.  When that's not happening I'm usually trying my best to not inhale the aroma odor of fish sticks.

Did I mention my desk is in a corner of an elementary school kitchen?

On lucky days, one of two things will happen, I'll either, 1) Get texts from my lovely lady, which keep me in high spirits, or 2) have some sort of pressing engagement that takes me away from my desk for a chunk of the day. Two hour staff meetings off-site?  Sign my ass up!

Anyway, with almost three months on the job under my belt, I've begun to adapt to my environment and discover new ways to escape.  Pandora and Inkstuds are my friends.  However, I often find that I wish I could just chat someone up for a bit about topics that interest me.  I can't pester my lady all day long, which brings me to the impetus for this post.

I created a twitter account.  @BattleHymnsBlog

There's a little linky thing over there on the right side should you wish to follow me. I'm tried to find all my favorite fellow bloggers on there and follow them, but if I missed some of you, hit me up.  If you are a reader of the blog and want to follow/be followed on twitter, all the more awesome.  If you do want to connect with me on twitter, I'd be grateful.  Especially if we talk about things non-custodial and lunch lady related.

Again, my twitter handle, or whatever it is called is: @BattleHymnsBlog


Justin said...

Dude, you gotta get me that lunch lady's phone number!

Yeah, I've also decided to give Twitter a try. Blogs are too much work for me right now.

Ryan said...

Ha! Stop by on your day off and work your game!

Nice to see you're also joining the ranks of twitter. Hopefully it'll inspire you to dust of Oceans of Ale.