Sunday, September 16, 2012

JH Williams III has got The Sword Covered

The Sword, a band that I've been enjoying for a few years, just got a whole lot cooler by choosing one of my favorite comic artists to handle all the design and album artwork for their new album, Apocryphon.  That's right, JH Williams III, of Batwoman fame did all the art for the band's fourth studio album, which hits stores October 22nd.

In the past, The Sword has featured songs like Winters Wolves, and To Take the Black which are inspired by GRRM and his A Song of Ice and Fire series. They also have a sci-fi space odyssey concept album, so the guys are clearly into nerd culture.  Now they go and get JH Williams III to design all the art for their new album.  Yeah, I think I could hang out with these guys.

Williams' art is beautiful, so check it out.

Back Cover

Inner Cover

CD Package Art

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