Sunday, May 6, 2012

Free Comic Book Day Goodies

After missing out on the festivities last year, I was bound and determined to make my way over to the local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day.  Of course I didn't drag my ass out of bed until mid-morning though so by the time I reached the shop (noon) I missed out on some of the more coveted titles, but I did manage to get my paws on a couple of hot items.

I'm always a little bit astounded by how many people come out of the woodwork anytime you put the word "Free" in front of something, and that was the case here too.  I don't think I've ever seen my beloved comic shop so packed, and the best part was, most of them were buying other things while there as well.

So here's the free shit I snagged:

Atomic Robo is one of those comics that I always hear good things about but it has never seemed like my cup of tea.  In fact I overheard someone in the shop say: "This is like the single best comic book of all time!" in reference of Atomic Robo.  Hyperbole or truth?  That remains to be seen.  This free comic will be a good way to test that statement.

The last time I hit up a free comic book day Oni Press released the first issue of one of my favorite comics, The Sixth Gun.  This year, Oni Press has another first issue offering, Bad Medicine.  I'm not sure what this one is all about but there's a headless dude on the cover, and it's published by Oni, and it was free, so yeah, I'll check it out.

Since everything was free, I decided to take a chance on my third free comic and go with one outside my usual reading zone.  So....I picked up a Spider-man comic.  Yup.  Ok, this isn't a total wild card pick because it is written by Cullen Bunn of, wait for it, The Sixth Gun fame.  Chances are I wont love it, but it'll make for some entertaining bathroom reading.

I also picked up a few items that I had to pay for.  The most awesome of which is a hard cover Rocketeer collection.  It is almost sacrilegious that I don't already own this, but I own it now.  It was time.   Expect to see a review of The Rocketeer here before too long.


Kathryn said...

Spider-Man: Season One definitely is toilet reading, but the good kind. It's nothing you won't know, but it's still well-written.

Atomic Robo's one of those staple comics for FCBD. If you have a Comixology account (Get one. Srsly. The amount of free reading will keep you going for a while) then you can pick up some of the past ones and read them on your PC.

But no Avengers? Pffft. Bendis, Ryan! Bendis!

Ryan said...

Hey Kathryn- I'll have to look into the comixology thing. I like free stuff...especially comics. Thanks for the tip!

As for the Avengers...Bendis? Him? I'm not well versed in his works, but from what I have read, I've never been all too impressed. Should I read more of his stuff?