Sunday, May 13, 2012

Coming Soon: More Rocketeer!

First the comics world taketh away, then it giveth back....or technically the other way around since this news is a month and a half old, but whatevs.

The good news is that IDW, the publishing house that has brought us not one, but two awesome Rocketeer anthology mini-series, is bringing a full-length Rocketeer adventure to fans this August.  Even though this was announced waaaaay back in mid-March, I somehow missed this wonderful little piece of good news, but I'm elated enough to share it now.

From the looks of things, the writing will be handled by Mark Waid, and the art by Chris Samnee.  Both choices I approve of for the series.  Waid seems to have a knack for recapturing the silver-age feel in his work, while delivering an entertaining script.  On the art side, Samnee is simply an awesome artist, and he seems like a great match for the Rocketeer.  If you don't believe me, check out his deviant art page.

Here's what IDW had to say about the series:

"IDW is pleased to announce that this summer, Dave Stevens' legendary, high-flying avenger of the skies will soar once again!  This August, renowned writer Mark Waid teams up with the inimitable Chris Samnee to bring The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom! to comic shop shelves everywhere.
Everyone's favorite adventure-prone jetpack owner, Cliff Secord, finds himself at the center of another adventure when a mysterious tanker pulls into L.A. Harbor carrying dangerous cargo."  

From what I can tell, this is meant to be a four issue mini-series.  Even though this is four more issues of Rocketeer material than I expected, I sorta wish it was more.  Hopefully IDW, Waid and Samnee will have success and they'll keep rolling out more Rocketeer material.  Either way, since this news, for me, came hot on the heels of the imminent end of Sweet Tooth, I feel a bit better about the world of comics.  

Proof that Samnee and the Rocketeer are a good match. 

If you haven't done so already, I strongly urge you to check out IDW's Rocketeer Adventures anthologies.  The first one is available in a spiffy hardcover trade, and the first two issues of the second anthology are available in floppies at your friendly neighborhood comic shop. Do yourself a favor and check 'em out!  

**Special thankee-sais to Comics Alliance and IDW for the info and pics!  

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