Saturday, June 11, 2011

Opeth's New Album Cover Art

Ok, so this is a few days late, but Opeth, one of my favorite bands, has a new album coming out in September, and they recently released their album cover at their website

Overall, the cover is pretty sweet, I like the art, especially the two-headed devil guy and the burning city.  I will say that I'm not such a huge fan of the band member's heads up in the tree.  I think it looks a little goofy. 

Still, this is definitely one of the most unique metal album covers ever, given that most metal album covers tend to be predominantly black, with some sort of dark imagery. 

I'm definitely looking forward to this album. 

If you wanna see this great band live, you can see their tour dates here.  They hit my town, Seattle, on October 15th.  Should be an awesome show. 

Stay tuned for more Opeth related posts in the coming days...

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