Thursday, June 30, 2011

At Last, Sexism is Dead

If there is one thing that drives me crazy about comics, it is the fact that many of the women who populate these tales almost always have giant, kick-ball sized boobs, tiny waists, and round butts.  Of course there are exceptions out there, but flip thorough almost any comic published by the Big Two and you'll find many examples of what I just described.

Luckily, I wont be seeing that shit anymore, because Sexism is over.  At least Kate Beaton, the genius behind Hark A Vagrant!  says so.  Her latest update features a collaboration between herself Carly Monardo and Meridith Gran, which pokes pretty good fun at "Strong Female Characters".  It's pretty hilarious and definitely worth checking out.

Stop by Hark! A Vagrant to see the art that I wasn't savvy enough to figure out how to post.

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