Monday, May 23, 2011

Map of Metal

I guess sometimes it pays to have facebook.  While killing time, and avoiding school work yesterday I stumbled across the amazingly epic Map of Metal
This amazing piece of music history was put together by Patrick Galbraith with the help of metal historian Nick Grant.  I kinda wish I was a Metal Historian.

The map itself is a wonderful wealth of knowledge and information.  Everything is delineated by decade, and metal genre.  The metal genres are further broken down into categories like Primary Genre, which is stuff like Death Metal, Thrash Metal, and Folk Metal.  The next is Metal Genre which covers subgenres of the primary genre, so stuff like Power Metal, and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. The next category is Fusion Genre which covers stuff like Nu Metal, Grindcore, and the most hilarious subgenre: Unblack Metal (A.K.A. Christian Black Metal).  The last category is Related Genre, which is stuff like Punk Rock, Garage Rock, and Gothic Rock. 

Each and every genre of metal comes with a great write-up about the genre, and gives a bit of a history lesson for that piece of the metal map.  Also included are playlists of full songs that represent that brand of metal music.  This is a great way to hear and get a feel for what each genre and subgenre sounds like. 

After spending a good couple of hours browsing the site, I feel like I've only hit the tip of the iceberg.  There is tons of great information available at Map of Metal, and plenty of cool stuff for the beginner who is looking for some new bands to check out.  That said, a veteran of Metal music could also gain deeper understanding of how metal music as a whole evolved from it's roots to where it is now, and how everything relates to on another. Map of Metal is probably the most epic thing I've discovered all year.  Check it out!

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