Monday, March 28, 2011

Chew to be TV show on Showtime

This news is a few days old, but good news delivered late is still good news right?

I got the news via the Facebooks, and it looks like Showtime has bought the script for Chew the TV show.  They've already attached a director/executive producer, Stephen Hopkins, and have plans to make tweaks on the script.  It looks like the show will be a 30 minute deal, and from the sounds of things, will stay pretty true to the source material.  There was no word as to when a pilot might be shot, or when to expect a show to air...all in good time I suppose.

So, given where things stood back in December, it looks like things have moved along quite well in the past few months.  This is pretty good news, as it looks like with the success of The Walking Dead, cable networks are starting to view indie comics as a good source of material.  Hopefully Chew will have similar success. 

Really though, what this all boils down to is yet another TV show, along with HBO's Game of Thrones, that I will be missing out on due to my lack of cable television.  My fingers are crossed that one of my friends will get cable and let me watch those shows at their house. 


Justin said...

Cable TV is where it's at. I'd much rather see these stories adapted for channels like HBO and Showtime than turned into crappy 90 minute, PG-13 movies.

Ryan said...

I totally agree Justin. For the most part, the best stuff is on cable tv these days. Rome, Deadwood, The Wire, Arrested Development, and others are all far more superior to 99% of the shit in movie theaters these days.