Friday, August 27, 2010

Heavy Metal Legend in Seattle!

From the University Bookstore website: In the annals of heavy metal, the story of Dave Mustaine stands as one of the greatest examples of dizzying highs and Mariana Trench-deep lows. And in the end, isn't that what we read rock memoir for? 86'd from Metallica in its infancy, Mustaine went on to found ground-breaking (and ear-splitting) thrash metal band Megadeth, where he kicked his way into the industry, and took everything it offered.

Oh man! I'm pretty excited about this! Dave Mustaine is the lead singer/lead guitarist for Megadeth, one of my all time favorite bands. Dude has had a crazy life, including suffering nerve damage in his arm while falling asleep awkwardly in a chair while at rehab, causing him to lose his ability to play guitar...only to relearn, and remaster the instrument to the point where today he is one of the all time great guitar masters. That is just one crazy Mustaine related story, there should be tons of interesting stuff in this book. You can bet I'll be reviewing hit here at some point in the future. Can't wait for the author event. Somehow, I know it'll rock.


Justin said...

Be prepared to wait in line for hours. The celebrity authors attract 100 times more people than most of the lesser-known sci-fi/fantasy writers that we like. I had to wait in line almost 3 hours to get my book signed by Bruce Campbell.
Mustaine has lived every rock n roll cliche known to man so it should be a fun author event. There have been a lot of rock star memoirs lately. Don't forget to pick up Tattoos & Tequila: The Vince Neil Story.

Ryan said...

Yeah, I expect the seldom seen Seattle metal crowd to make an appearance for Dave. Flipped through the book today, it looks...interesting. I'll probably pass on the Vince Neil story, that guy's a moron.