Monday, July 16, 2012

SDCC News Round-Up!

In case you didn't know, San Diego Comicon, the most epic of all the comic conventions happened this past July 12th-15th.  As usual, there were lots of announcements being made, some cool and interesting some, not so much.  Here's the stuff I found be honest, there wasn't a ton of stuff that was all that exciting to me.

First and foremost, the Eisner Awards were handed out.  I apparently have poor taste in comics, because out of all the things that won awards, I read a grand total of two and a half winners.  In truth it's only one and a half because I read the "Best Single Issue" award winner (Daredevil #7) and the "Best Continuing Series " winner, (Daredevil).  So, by reading a few issues of Daredevil, I managed to read two Eisner Award winners.  I got the "half" score because I've read a few of the Dark Horse Presents issues which won "Best Anthology", but not all of them.

I do hope to read Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Criminal series, which won "Best Limited Series", as well as Green River Killer which won "Best Reality Based Work".  I've heard good things about that one.

Congrats to all the winners. For a list of all the winners, and pics of the actual work, check out this sweet Comics Alliance post.

In some publication news that I actually care about, Image, the comics publisher that seems to put out 90% of the comics I actually want to read, delivered a laundry list of future publications and the list looks to be pretty sweet.

Most notable among said list is Pretty Deadly, a western tale about an assassin with a scarred face. The story features a female lead, and promises western action, so I'm in.  Kelly Sue DeConnick, and Emma Rios are the creators for that one, and I'm excited to see what they have to offer. I'm completely unfamiliar with either of these creators, but an all-female creative team is a very rare thing in comics and I'm all for supporting their efforts. My issues with gender inequality in the field of comics aside, the concept seems pretty cool, so I'm excited to check out Pretty Deadly.  The cover looks pretty awesome too.

There's also a new Greg Rucka project they mentioned coming in 2013 and another Brandon Graham project, Multiple Warheads which will hopefully be as amazing as Prophet has been.  Multiple Warheads  looks to be hitting shelves in October, so I wont have to wait too long to get my hands on that one.  Check out the cover:

Looks pretty awesome to me!

Lastly, Neil Gaiman will be returning to his much loved comics series, The Sandman (which I haven't read...shame on me!) with an amazing partner in crime handling the art...Battle Hymns' favorite, J.H. Williams III!  The duo will be putting out a mini-series which will hit stores in 2013.  No word in how many issues, or an actual title, but I'm sure details will surface as the publication date draws near.  The JHW3 art they tease with the announcement looks to be pretty incredible.  

I guess this means I'll need to get off my ass and finally get around to reading The Sandman.

That seems like a pretty awesome way to wrap up a links post.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot to be excited about, but as I scoured the various comics blogs for SDCC news coverage, I honestly didn't find much else to be excited about.  There were TONS of other announcements, so which ones did you find the most interesting?

****Special THANKS to my two favorite comics websites, MULTIVERSITY COMICS and COMICS ALLIANCE for their awesome coverage of SDCC.  This post wouldn't be possible without their coverage, news, links, pics, and all that good stuff!  Cheers!****

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