Thursday, February 16, 2012

Graphic Novel Review: Shaky Kane's Monster Truck

Have I mentioned before that I love me some Shaky Kane art?  Well, I do.  It is weird, awkward, disturbing and beautiful all at the same time.  Shaky Kane's art has probably never been more weird, awkward, disturbing and beautiful than in Monster Truck.

Monster Truck is a graphic novel with heavy emphasis on the graphics.  This artistic wonder takes the reader on a widescreen cruise through a tripped out psychedelic landscape in the cab of a yellow monster truck.  If you want to see some incredibly strange (yet strikingly beautiful) pages of art, and some sweet looking classic cars, colored in ultra bright hues, this is your fix right here.

Aside from incredibly unique visuals, this graphic novel takes a unique approach to design.  Each and every page of art is really just one piece of an epically long, continuous 50 page piece of art.  What I mean by that is that if you cut out each individual page, and laid them out next to each other in one long line, they'd all connect into one massive art piece without any gaps or breaks in the illustration.  I was sorely temped to buy two copies and do just that, and put it up as a border in my room. In the end, I decided the money would be better spend on other comics instead.

The cover of Monster Truck promises "automobiles monsters and mayhem", and boy, it sure does deliver. There is lots of weirdness to be had here, which may or may not be for everyone, but it sure did tickle my fancy.  I find myself picking this up from time to time and just flipping to a random page, just see what kind of random thrills or chills it will provide.  

One thing is certain, Monster Truck rockets my imagination off to new places.  This is one of those rare artistic works where the artist managed to cut free of any creative restraints and deliver a work of unbridled imagination.  I appreciate seeing and experiencing such border-less works of art.  

I think the reason I enjoy Kane's art so much is that he seems to break from reality into his wild imagination with such ease.  It is a refreshing and inspiring thing to see an adult create art that is so unabashedly weird and unique.  Oh, and a lot of fun too!

Grade: A

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