Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Have a Listen: Mastodon: "Black Tongue"

September is shaping up to be an epic month for metal.  Not only is Heritage the new Opeth album due out on the 20th, but only a few days later on the 27th, Mastodon's latest effort, The Hunter hits stores.

It is hard to say which album I'm more excited about, it varies on a day to day basis.  At this moment, I'm more amped for The Hunter because Justin, fellow blogger, and metal guru sent me the link to "Black Tongue" the first song released from their new album.

Not only does the song sound fucking awesome, but the accompanying video is pretty cool to check out too.  I like that Troy Sanders handles most of the lyrics for the song, as his voice is my favorite in the band.  If this song is any indication, The Hunter is bound to be a gloriously epic album.

Check out the song and the video!

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