Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good News Comes in Threes

I've got a few pieces of good news to deliver. One that pertains to both me, and readers of the blog, one that pertains to comic fans, and one that pertains completely mostly to me....

Good news #1: I have the internet again! 

Yes, once again I have the internet trapped firmly in my claw-like grasp.  I'm moved into, and mostly settled in my new place, which means that posts should start popping up in a more regular fashion around here.  I'm extremely eager to be regularly blogging again, and plenty of posts are coming your way.

Good news #2: Green Wake is now an ongoing comic.

I just learned yesterday, via the facebooks that Green Wake, has been made into an ongoing series.  It was initially slated to be a five or six issue mini-series but thanks to good sales, and good reviews, has been changed into an ongoing.  I think Green Wake is a great series to extend, as it is easy to see from the first issue that there are plenty of yet to be told stories that lie in the gutters of that strange town.  I can see an easy progression from the current murder mystery story arc into other tales.  It'll be cool to see what the future holds for this very promising looking comic.

Good News #3: I have free HBO for one year. 

 To make a long story short, when the internet dude came to give me the gift of internet the other day, he also came to install the world's lamest, most basic cable TV service and channel package...until we discovered that package included free HBO for one year! I didn't even have to give him all the beer in the house to get the HBO either, it was just some sweet promotion they have going right now.  I almost high-fived the cable guy. 

The timing couldn't be better, I mean Game of Thrones starts tomorrow.  Sure I'll probably be watching it solo, but at least I'll be watching it.  I'm adding popcorn to my shopping list. 

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