Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's a Dark Tower World and I'm Just Living In It.

Even though I completed my quest to the Dark Tower a couple weeks ago, (yeah my blogging queue is a bit backed up), I haven't been able to stop thinking about the characters, the events, and especially the ending of that final book.  It's rare that the end of a book will stick with me for so long, but even though those mind blasting moments are few and far between in my day in and day out reading, ultimately that is a big reason why I read.  For me, a guy with little to no artistic talent, that inspiration just fuels my desire to read more and try to recapture that experience.  For others it is different.

Just as I was turning the final few pages of The Dark Tower, Battle Hymns follower, occasional commenter, fellow Dark Tower reader, and gifted graphic artist, Ryan B. got in touch with me to tell me about his Dark Tower/Stephen King inspired t-shirt designs.  I thought it would be cool to show the rest of the Battle Hymns community what some of the other folks who deem this site worthy their time do while slavishly awaiting a new Battle Hymns post.   Other Ryan's cool shirts can be viewed here.  My personal favorite is the "The Lookout" with "Face of your Father" a close second. I think a "Long Days and Pleasant Nights" shirt would be cool...hint, hint!

In other Dark Tower related news, I spent a few minutes at my comic shop tonight browsing the Dark Tower comics.  They look pretty cool, and Jae Lee's art is pretty sweet.  If I didn't have over 50 unread trades already sitting on my shelves at home I probably would have picked one up.  One of these days...

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