Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Comic Book Day

Ahh, I love free stuff! Today I took part in my first ever Free Comic Book Day. Each year on the first Saturday in May, comic book shops dole out a bunch of free comics. It seems like a great way to get customers to check out new stuff, and since nearly half of the comics are geared towards a younger crowd, it also serves as a way to get kids into comic collecting as well.

The event isn't nearly as big a production as Comicon, but the two shops I visited were as crowded as I had ever seen them, and some folks did show up in costume. As for me, I kept my spending to a minimum, and tried to focus on the free stuff.

Here's my Free Comic Book Day haul:

The Sixth Gun: A comic about an innocent girl who comes to posses a pistol of otherworldly power.

Irredeemable:The world's greatest hero decides to switch it up and become the world's greatest super villain.

Atomic Robo: A robot battles giant terror birds in the South American jungle.

Storm Lion: Not too sure what this one is about, picked it up because the art look it was free!

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